St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea United Reformed Church believes that each person has gifts, and that the church is better off when everyone is contributing their strengths to the life of the church
  • Lead: Do you feel called into Eldership? Whether its Spiritual or Buildings or Business leadership speak to Jim or Peter.
  • Count: Membership brings the chance to vote at the church meeting and influence how our church goes about being a church as well as bringing a feeling of belonging to a group of like-minded people, all worshiping God
  • Welcome: Hospitality is an important part of our Sunday service. If you enjoy making others feel at home, join our welcoming team!
  • Creative/Worship: If you play an instrument, sing, paint, enjoy graphic design, or are versed in any number of artistic gifts, we’d love to think about how to use your gift in our church’s life!
  • Scripture: Each Sunday different members of the congregation read the scripture in our service. If you feel called to announce the Word of God join our readers team
  • Choir: our choir practices each Thursday at 7pm and meets at 10am on Sundays
  • Kitchen: fancy brewing up for 100 people on the occasional Thursday or Sunday morning? Join our kitchen team
  • Garden: are you green fingered? Join our ECO-gardeners
Click here to contact Rev Jim for further details